Administrative Staff

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Division staff

 Sonja Stella

(Ph) 206-606-1188
(Fax) 206-606-6768

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Rachel Colleran

Finance Manager
(Ph) 206-606-1092 
(Fax) 206-606-6768

Can help with…Division financial analysis and reporting, post-award financial management including gift, surplus, and non-sponsored research budgets

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Suzanne Schulte

Academic Affairs Manager
(Ph) 206-606-6683 
(Fax) 206-606-6768

Can help with…Faculty job postings, recruitment, and onboarding, academic appointments and promotions.

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Kevin Pitman

Program Operations Specialist
(Ph) 206-606-6683
(Fax) 206-606-6768

Can help with…Division staff payroll, timesheets and general Workday-related inquiries, computers, software, and equipment procurement. Division website maintenance.

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Charlesetta "Charlie" Taylor

Human Resource Manager
(Ph) 206-606-6469
(Fax) 206-606-6768

Can help with… Any staff HR questions or issues including job postings, recruitment, hiring, onboarding, and employee relations.

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Martha Lee

HR Specialist
(Ph) 206-606-1773
(Fax) 206-606-6768

Can help with…Facilities and space issues, faculty outside work, provider OMSA credentialing, backup for staff job postings and HR questions.

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Kelly Crowder

Division Program Manager
(Ph) 206-606-190
(Fax) 206-606-6768

Can help with… eGC1 submission and approvals, general clinical trial and research group questions and assistance, community oncology sites and general inquiries.

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Rob Wisdom

Clinical Research Budget Manager
(Ph) 206-606-1901
(Fax) 206-606-6768

Can help with…eGC1 submission and approvals, clinical trial budget training, pre- and post- award management, post-award budget reconciliation and auditing, general budget and contract assistance.

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Kathie Cummings

Finance Analyst
(Ph) 360-510-1687
(Fax) 206-606-6768

Can help with…staff training for faculty compensation and costing calculations, post-award financial management, eGC1 preparation, clinical trial A/R & A/P management, and Procurement. Also Division financial analysis and reporting, Excel training, and the Division Intranet.

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Staff news

December 15, 2020
Staff Spotlight: Charlie Taylor
Our December staff spotlight is on Charlesetta “Charlie” Taylor, human resources manager in the Division of Medical Oncology.
August 14, 2020
20:20 Legacy Staff
In honor of their 20+ years of service (as of 2020), we would like to thank these 100+ staff in the Department of Medicine for their long-term dedication to the UW and to our department.